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Michael is new to the podcasting scene, with The Crispy Noodle Podcast marking his first foray into the world of internet radio. He also enjoys playing video games, reading, criticizing the Philadelphia Eagles, and being Italian. Currently, Michael is enrolled in Rosemont College's Masters of the Fine Arts program for Creative Writing. He one day hopes to traumatize people of all ages with his writing. Until then, Michael will continue to bring his unique perspective to The Crispy Noodle.

Indie Game Preview: Wimbus Studios’ The Island of Eternal Struggle

Whereas some developers were interested in modern, 3D action-RPGs, others at Too Many Games 2015 wanted to relive the glory days of classic 2D turn-based RPG combat. Enter Wimbus Studios and their new retro inspired with a modern twist PRG, The Island of Eternal Struggle. I had to wait an […]

Indie Game Preview: Geek Monster Games’ Welcome to Undercog

When covering Too Many Games 2015, many people tend to focus on the games themselves. The gameplay, the Kickstarter campaigns, how retro everything is — that kind of stuff. What sometimes gets lost is the personal stories of the indie developers behind the games. When I got my hands on […]

Indie Game Preview: Quartic Entertainment’s Colony One

After covering Too Many Games for three years I’ve learned what to expect from the indie game showcase, where all the small local indie developers show off their latest in-development projects. Usually we get to sample a few twin stick shooters, mobile games, or top down adventures, so it came […]

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