A Crispy Noodle Update — 3 Years

A little status update behind the scenes here at The Crispy Noodle headquarters… For those that don’t know, Michael Costanzo and I have been recording this podcast called The Crispy Noodle. 3 years and 150 episodes ago, we just said “let’s just record our ridiculous conversations into a podcast.” It took some time to pinpoint […]

Thank You All for Helping Us Reach the First Page in Google Search Results!!

Thank you all forĀ helpingĀ us to spread the word about The Crispy Noodle, we really appreciate it. We are now on the first page (7th result) of Google when you search “the crispy noodle” (without quotes). To celebrate our website reaching the 1st page of Google (Rich: WE ARE GOOGLE FAMOUS!!!) we’d like to present you […]

The Crispy Noodle Podcast Official Launch Extravaganza-palooza-fest-thingamajig!

Congratulations to us! For bringing this profound, hilarious, exceptional and often times ludicrous organization know as “The Crispy Noodle” to the world. And congratulations to you! For discovering your new favorite website and podcast (or, you know, accidentally falling into our trap). We’re proud to officially launch our website and podcast. Our mission is to […]

The Crispy Noodle Concept Art

Late one night while brainstorming, we started throwing around ideas for a logo. We decided that we wanted to capture everything we hope to cover with our website and podcast: odd news, entertainment, sports and whatever the heck we want. The next day, I decided to actually put in a little effort and draw a […]