Too Many Games

All our posts about our time at the Too Many Games convention.

Indie Game Preview: Quartic Entertainment’s Colony One

After covering Too Many Games for three years I’ve learned what to expect from the indie game showcase, where all the small local indie developers show off their latest in-development projects. Usually we get to sample a few twin stick shooters, mobile games, or top down adventures, so it came […]

“Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America” Author Jeff Ryan Chats with The Crispy Noodle

When someone mentions video games, the last thing you¬†think about is a book. But that’s not true for author Jeff Ryan and his book Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America. That’s why when we saw his display at the Too Many Games convention this past June, we had to stop […]

Heavy Metal Meets Scrabble in “Battle of the Electric Vikings” Card Game

Update:¬†Battle of the Electric Vikings has been successfully kickstarted. The expected release date is some time in October, but until then you can check out our preview and test run of the wickedly fun and creative game below. ______________________________________________________________________ Original Story: Do you love heavy metal? Do you love Scrabble? […]