Too Many Games

All our posts about our time at the Too Many Games convention.

Mobile Games from Too Many Games That You Can Get Now

Over the past few years, mobile apps have exploded into mainstream gaming culture. It’s gotten to the point where no modern gaming convention would be complete without a healthy dose of mobile games, and this year’s Too Many Games convention in Oaks, PA was no different. On display were plenty of […]

“ApocalypZe” Card Game Serves Up Tense, Complex Zombie Survival Action

After testing some in development indie games, we decided to try our hand at some of the unique card games on display at the Too Many Games convention. One game in particular caught our eye: ApocalypZe. No, it wasn’t just the “z” in the title or the images of zombies, it […]

Indie Spotlight — Galactose: Pastries in Space 2

With so many games to choose from at Too Many Games, how does an indie developer stand out? How about offering you the chance to blast away dinner entrees as a fleet of dessert space fighters? That’s exactly what Team Galactose had on display this weekend and that’s why Galactose: Pastries […]