Thank You All for Helping Us Reach the First Page in Google Search Results!!

Thanks for helping spread the word.

Thanks for helping spread the word.

Thank you all for helping us to spread the word about The Crispy Noodle, we really appreciate it. We are now on the first page (7th result) of Google when you search “the crispy noodle” (without quotes). To celebrate our website reaching the 1st page of Google (Rich: WE ARE GOOGLE FAMOUS!!!) we’d like to present you with a GIF breakdown of our reactions.




You guys are awesome! We hope you enjoyed the GIFs; if we reach other milestones, perhaps there will be more. That’s your incentive to keep sharing and spreading the news. So, please remember to share, like, tweet, google+ or whatever anything you enjoy from our website, social networks or podcast to help us continue growing.

Thanks a whole bunch, Noodle Nation,

The Crispy Noodle Team

Michael Costanzo (51 Posts)

Michael is new to the podcasting scene, with The Crispy Noodle Podcast marking his first foray into the world of internet radio. He also enjoys playing video games, reading, criticizing the Philadelphia Eagles, and being Italian. Currently, Michael is enrolled in Rosemont College's Masters of the Fine Arts program for Creative Writing. He one day hopes to traumatize people of all ages with his writing. Until then, Michael will continue to bring his unique perspective to The Crispy Noodle.

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