Heavy Metal Meets Scrabble in “Battle of the Electric Vikings” Card Game

Black Slither Games...what an awesome name. Image courtesy of Black Slither Games

Black Slither Games…what an awesome name. Image courtesy of Black Slither Games

Update: Battle of the Electric Vikings has been successfully kickstarted. The expected release date is some time in October, but until then you can check out our preview and test run of the wickedly fun and creative game below.


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Do you love heavy metal? Do you love Scrabble? Do you think those things are the two most random things in put together, but is strangely funny? Well, good news, so did the awesome people over at Black Slither Games, who took the time to show us their latest project: Battle of the Electric Vikings.

You gotta love the name. Image courtesy of Black Slither Games

This is undoubtedly the most metal card game you will ever play. Image courtesy of Black Slither Games

“Battle of the Electric Vikings” is just one of the countless insane combinations possible in this new Scrabble meets heavy metal card game. At the Too Many Games convention, we had the chance to play a full game with the founder/CEO of Black Slither Games, Brian Motter. The game is simple: each player gets 6 cards with words on them, on their turn they can play one or more cards to the table to link up with other cards to create a metal sounding sentence (phrase, song title, lyric, whatever). There are points on the cards to keep track of the score, but as I suggested during the game, they’re more like the points from “Whose Line is it Anyway?” in that they don’t matter. Brian agreed by saying this game is mostly about kicking back, having a few drinks with friends, and having a good time.

Want to see this amazing game in action? I’m glad you asked! Check out our short interview and demonstration of Black Slither’s Battle of the Electric Vikings below.

There are some interesting rules to the game, as is expected of a game with this concept. Our favorite rule comes into effect if another player calls out the cards you played as “not metal enough.” When that happens, you can try to convince them by singing/shouting the phrase in your most heavy metal voice. If you’re completely stuck with no moves, which happened to me when I found myself with a hand of articles and conjunctions, you have the option to sacrifice your turn and draw an entirely new hand. There is another element of strategy to the basic premise of the game in that a player can play a card on top of another card already in play, which replaces the previous word and gives the points to the new card’s owner. Finally, in one last twist, any player who can create the phrase “Battle of the Electric Vikings” automatically wins the game. However, Brian admits that he’s never seen the phrase played in all the play testing he’s done, so don’t expect to win that easily.

Black Slither Games certainly has a knack for naming things. You just can't beat this one. Image courtesy of Black Slither Games

Finally we’ll figure out who would win in this legendary showdown. Image courtesy of Black Slither Games

Battle of the Electric Vikings wasn’t the only game on display from Black Slither Games at the convention. Brian also showed us the previously released “Bear vs. Gorilla vs. CEO vs. Hippie,” a comical card battle game in which each player assumes the role of one of the four titular characters and starts with 25 chips. Players take turns using various weapon and Mott-ifier cards (a play on the word modifier) to damage their opponents and take their opponents’ chips. The player that collects all the chips, wins the game.

No, you don't actually kick, punch, or slap anyone in this drinking game, although there might be some burping. Image courtesy of Black Slither Games

No, you don’t actually kick, punch, or slap anyone in this drinking game, although there might be some burping. Image courtesy of Black Slither Games

The last, small game on display was a simple drinking game consisting of only 5 cards called “Kick, Punch, Burp, Fart, Slap.” In a twisted form of Rock, Paper, Scissors, each of the five players play their one card. The first player compares his card to the person’s next to them. The card that wins the matchup moves on to the next player’s card until there is one person left. All the losers take a drink. Play continues until a set number of wins or points has been reached, but as with most Black Slither Games products, playing is more about having fun and enjoying the company rather than the points.

If you’re interested in any of the games mentioned here, make sure to check out the Black Slither Games website right here, where you can grab a copy of “Bear vs. Gorilla vs. CEO vs. Hippie” or “Kick Punch Burp Fart Slap.” “Battle of the Electric Vikings” is currently in the middle of a relaunched Kickstarter campaign, and Brian Motter seems determined to make this game happen for fans. Motter expressed his commitment and dedication to bringing the game to life in a post at the conclusion of the first Kickstarter campaign:

We are going to get this project made…Black Slither is committed to bringing you Battle of the Electric Vikings. Many of you already know the dedication I have for the games we make and you know this game will see the light of day if it kills me.

Luckily fans can go check out the new Kickstarter campaign right now and help this awesome game come to life. Black Slither games has until August 6th to fund their project (they currently only need about $1500). So if you want this phoenix (game) to rise from the ashes, and you want the electric vikings back on the battlefield, make sure to show your support by backing the campaign or sharing on social media. (See update above).

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