The Crispy Noodle Podcast — Episode 92 (Christmas Special!)

As a little (early) Christmas gift to all of you, we’re excited and proud to bring you The 2014 Crispy Noodle Christmas Special. In this episode, we discuss Philly sports, play fun games, sing Christmas songs, and recap the best of the best of the odd news from 2014. We also have some very special guests making appearances. So eat some tasty food, relax with the family, and listen to our rambling christmas fun. Merry Christmas to all of Noodle Nation, we hope you enjoy the special:

  • Introduction — Christmas Song #1: “I’m Dreamin’ of a Christmas Special”
  • Sports Sampler with John Bruno Costanzo — The Eagles are knocked out of playoff contention by the lowly Redskins; Rich and Mike’s (and John Bruno’s) Fantastic Four Picks for Week 17
  • Christmas Song #2: “There’s No Podcast Like Ours for the Holidays”
  • Entertainment Entree — Mike’s Mom and Dad join us for a hilarious game of Jingles Balls and they’re forced to answer some embarrassing questions
  • “The Best of the Best Non-Fortune Cookie” Odd News of 2014 — We recap our very favorite odd news stories.
    • Christmas Song #3: “I Want a Bit of Odd News for Christmas”
    • Odd News Identity Crises…
      • Cherries Waffles – Episode 78
      • Yo Soy Batman – Episode 79
      • Raisin-ette God – Episode 74
    • Musical Odd News…
      • Phantom of the Opera Church Lady – Episode 81
      • Les Mis 2: The Bread Strikes Back – Episode 63
    • Special Guest RickMirarchi
      • Rick Mirarchi Can’t Rob Subway – Episode 85
    • The Most Infamous Odd News Story of 2014…
      • Poo to Loo – Episode 57
  • And finally, we close out with a special thank you and Merry Christmas for all our fans: Christmas Song #4: “Happy Xmas (This is Crispy)”

Thanks for listening to The Crispy Noodle Podcast and a very merry Christmas to you!

Rich Liebig (417 Posts)

Rich first became addicted to radio when he became a DJ on WEXP, La Salle University Radio, co-hosting the afternoon talk program "The Rich & Dubie Show." During his last year at college, he became Intern Pitchuation for the "Preston & Steve" morning show on 93.3 WMMR. Today, he continues to work at WMMR as part of their Promotions Team. With "The Crispy Noodle Podcast," Rich wants to provide the most entertainment and obscure movie quotes that he can jam-pack into a 2-hour podcast. He enjoys researching odd news, following Philadelphia sports teams, eating well-made coleslaw, and trying to hit a tiny golf ball as straight as possible.

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