Hot Tub Time Machine 2 — Movie Review

One of the common rules in movie-making is that comedy sequels are very difficult to do. (They are right, try to name a very successful comedy sequel… See?) First off, it’s hard enough to do a sequel of any kind of movie. But then try to apply it to comedy, when it’s so easy to get bored of the same joke or gag when it’s repeated over and over. So, I’m setting the bar low on the newest comedy sequel to come out in theaters, “Hot Tub Time Machine 2.”

(SPOILER ALERT) Here’s The Good, The Bad, & The “WTF?!” of the comedy sequel Hot Tub Time Machine 2…

The Good:

  • Rob Corddry as Lou Dorchen — I don’t want to typecast an actor, but Corddry is the perfect actor to hire when you need someone to play a character who is an asshole. He did on The Daily Show, and has done it well for a couple of movies since then. In the alternate 2015, Lou Dorchen has become a success with his own Shangri-Lou building and Lougle (instead of Google). Lou constantly encourages the other characters to do something insane and it works for Rob’s role in the movie.
  • The Webber Strut — Craig Robinson as Nick Webber invents a new dance craze by 2025 called “The Webber Strut.” It’s apparently The Macarena or The Dougie of the 2025 dance scene. The best part (other than it looks ridiculous) is Nick Webber has no idea how the popular dance goes in 2025, so he is unwilling to perform the dance maneuver he invented. It probably was just a throwaway gag, but I enjoyed that running joke in this movie.

The Bad:

  • No John Cusack — Losing the main character from the previous installment definitely hurts this movie. Cusack was a good anchor to keep the first “Hot Tub Time Machine” at a steady pace for a comedy movie. “Hot Tub Time Machine 2” does address the elephant in the room by mentioning his character, Adam, can’t be in this timeline, but you can’t help but wonder how he would’ve fit in this sequel.
  • Same Jokes — There’s way too many “You Look Like…” jokes in this movie. Almost every time a character changes clothes or travels through the hot tub time machine, the cast unveil a flurry of these “You Look Like…” jokes. I’m not saying they weren’t funny, but we don’t need 6 of them at once when Jacob sees himself as a bald man in the future.

The WTF:

  • The Choozy Doozy Scene — There’s a game show in the future (hosted by Christian Slater) called “Choozy Doozy” where America votes to make someone perform something they have to do, no matter how uncomfortable they are with the act. When our characters make an appearance on the show, they get stuck with a sexual dare between two guys. It essentially boils down to one of the characters raping the other guy (hell, they even joke about it later in the movie whether or not if it was rape). It’s an absolutely ridiculous scene that you can’t believe they actually filmed for a comedy movie.
Hot Tub Time Machine 2 Review
Right off the bat, you know this is going to be an outlandish movie. Even then, it's still a case of hit and miss with the jokes.
To their credit, the movie tries to explain the laws of time-traveling in their universe. But to be honest, the plot only serves to justify the jokes they want to make in the film, there's nothing really unique about this story.
The future gadgets, drugs, and culture are actually pretty funny in this movie, and it's thanks to the visuals. It's not overly-futuristic for a 2025 setting, but the heads-up displays and visual effects works for the tone of this movie.
The soundtrack has its ups and downs. This movie starts out with some great 80's hair rock, because Lou Dorchen 'created' it in this timeline. In the future, though, the music isn't that noticeably different than current party music you'd hear in clubs today. Bonus points for using Steel Panther's '17 Girls In A Row' though.
Unfortunately, the rule I mentioned earlier still applies -- comedy sequels are difficult to do. Hot Tub Time Machine 2 will be remembered as another example of this rule. Unless you really enjoyed the first movie, Hot Tub Time Machine 2 is not a must-see in theaters.
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