Extended Conversation: E3 2015 Preview

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Next week kicks off the biggest event in the video game community: Electronic Entertainment Expo, or more commonly referred to as E3. Every E3 brings new game and console trailers, demos, announcements, and technology. Big and small developers and publishers alike will be showing off their latest and greatest projects and work. It is the oasis of gaming news nirvana in the summer game release drought. And we were just so excited about next week that we ended up recording way too much content to fit in one podcast. Luckily for you we decided to release a special edition E3 2015 Preview Extended Conversation segment.

In this segment, we round up all the rumors and predictions surrounding the heavy hitters of Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony such as how Nintendo might give a new spark to its hardware, why Microsoft’s Tomb Raider deal is so important, and what secret 1st party games Sony could announce. We also dive into some general show rumors as well as 3rd party developer rumors, including touching on the new Star Wars: Battlefront and Mass Effect games. Finally, we wrap up with a discussion of our personal wishlists for E3 2015.

Check out the special edition E3 2015 Extended Conversation below for our analysis on all the latest news. Thanks for listening to The Crispy Noodle Podcast!



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