The Crispy Noodle Podcast — Episode 119

Here’s what happened on this week’s episode of The Crispy Noodle Podcast:

  • Cold Open — Our Associate Producer, John Bruno, imitates Mike and Rich before the show starts
  • Introduction — Happy Birthday to Mike!; Mike saw summer movies Inside Out and Jurassic World; Rich doesn’t remember the weekend while celebrating America
  • Sports Sampler — U.S. Women’s Soccer team wins the FIFA Women’s World Cup; Rich just can’t stand soccer anymore; Defending British Open Champion Rory McIlroy injures ankle while playing soccer, will he miss this year’s British Open?; David Ortiz makes history with the Red Sox by doing absolutely nothing at first base; How bad will the Phillies be when this season is finished?
  • Entertainment Entree — Mike’s “This Week in Entertainment”; James Bond will make a Broadway debut; We debate whether or not Dustin Hoffman is correct that our time marks “the worst era of film” he’s been a part of
  • “The Non-Fortune Cookie” Odd News — Florida man threatens local newspaper editor and cops with a random samurai sword; A “Professional Pirate Entertainer” decides to take two women out to shoot an old musket rifle at cars; Woman has to survive in the woods, fight bees, and start a wildfire, all while giving birth to her daughter because her car ran out of gas on a back road.
  • What Have We Learned & Conclusion

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