We Play “Shrimp Everywhere” with Black Slither Games

Black Slither Games' "Shrimp Everywhere" featuring Sir Shrimp. Image courtesy of Black Slither Games.

Black Slither Games’ “Shrimp Everywhere” featuring Sir Shrimp. Image courtesy of Black Slither Games.

Too Many Games is always like a giant party: music thrumming, people in crazy costumes, everyone playing games and having a few drinks. And of course, no respectable party is complete without a few tasty appetizers. That’s where game maker Black Slither Games comes in. You may remember these guys from last year’s Battle of the Electric Vikings coverage. They’re at it again, but this year instead of bringing a whole bunch of crazy heavy metal Vikings, they decided to bring a tasty treat of shrimp to the party. We caught up with the man behind the madness, Brian Motter, and had a chance to go hands-on with his new game, Shrimp Everywhere.

Shrimp Everywhere, much like Cards Against Humanity, is quick and easy to pick up, but is hard to put down…because you’ll be having too much fun. Shrimp Everywhere takes the basic matching and “call and response” style gameplay of other games and brings it to a whole new level. Instead of trying to make a match or answer one card with the most appropriate or outrageous (or appropriately outrageous) response, Shrimp Everywhere has players constructing sentences that all end with a some sort of shrimpy situation.

Concept art for the card backs. Image courtesy of Black Slither Games.

Concept art for the card backs. Image courtesy of Black Slither Games.

Players get a hand with noun, action, and shrimp cards. Their task is simple: create a grammatically correct sentence using as many of the cards as possible, with the only real rule being that the sentence must start with a noun and end with a shrimp. As we found out demoing the game with Brian, such simple rules can lead to some very “interesting” and gut-bustingly funny moments.

Basic sentences with a single noun, a single verb, and a single shrimp card are the most commonly played hand. However, once players become a little more adventurous and stretch the english skills, multi-noun and verb sentences bring out the biggest laughs. For example, we would start by pairing the noun, “An angry black woman,” with the action “going to town on” and finishing with the shrimp card “Kim Kardashian’s ass full of shrimp.” As gameplay progressed, we started busting out crazier sentences like, “A gay pirate going down on a Sasquatch taking a shower with a beehive full of shrimp.” As you might be able to tell, this game can get plenty raunchy and wild. And that sentence was mild compared to some of the other ones played.

Shrimp Everywhere was Black Slither Games biggest news at Too Many Games, but they also had another pleasant surprise for us: the retail version of Battle of the Electric Vikings. Last year, we covered the game and its struggles on Kickstarter. True to his word, Brian Motter didn’t let that hinder the game’s official release. Seeing a game evolve from production to its final retail version is one of the coolest parts of attending this convention every year. We hope that next year we’ll be able to say the same thing about Shrimp Everywhere. If Black Slither Games’ previous experiences are any indication, nothing will stand in the way of fans getting their shrimp.

Black Slither Games’ Shrimp Everywhere is in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign. You can learn more about the game and support the project by following this link. If you want to check out Black Slither Games’ other fun and wacky party games, like Battle of the Electric Vikings, you can head over to their website.

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