The Crispy Noodle Podcast — Best of 2016 Odd News!

Happy New Year! In honor of closing out the year, it’s time for our annual tradition of awarding the craziest odd news stories of 2016 with our special “Oddies” Awards! Here’s what happened on our final episode of 2016:

  • Introduction — How was our Christmas holiday; it’s time for our 2nd Annual “Oddies” Awards!
  • Sports Sampler
    • Weird: Eagles win first divisional game against the Giants
    • Weirder: Why did the Minnesota defense go rogue and abandon Head Coach Mike Zimmer’s gameplan?
    • Our Fantastic Four Picks for Week 17
  • The 2016 Oddies, Part 1: Interesting Characters
    • Best Female Performance: “Baloney Lady Calls Police”, Episode 175
    • Best Male Performance: “Flaming Buttholes (The Manning Prophecy)”, Episode 178
    • Best Created Character: “Lord & Lady Henley the 8th” [VIDEO NOODLE}, Episode 157
    • Best Odd News Entrepreneur: “F.I.C.P.U.”, Episode 147
  • The 2016 Oddies, Part 2: The Things We Do
    • Best Gross-Out: “Case of the MacCungies”, Episode 180
    • Best Musical Performance: “Les Miserables 4 & Grease-Fire”, Episode 161
    • Best Guest Performance: “Squirrel Cook-Off” (With Rick Mirarchi), Episode 176
    • Best Odd News Inspired Skit: “The Grenade” [VIDEO NOODLE], Episode 154
  • The 2016 Oddies, Part 3: The Best of the Best
    • Best Random Odd News: “The End of Mr. Happy”, Episode 181
    • Best Florida Odd News: “Hulkception”, Episode 151
    • Best Fine Dining Odd News: “Bathtub Brisket”, Episode 169
    • Best Odd News Story of 2016: “Lick Me Where I Fart”, Episode 177
  • What Have We Learned for 2016 & Conclusion

Thank you for listening to The Crispy Noodle Podcast! We wish you a Happy New Year!

Rich Liebig (392 Posts)

Rich first became addicted to radio when he became a DJ on WEXP, La Salle University Radio, co-hosting the afternoon talk program "The Rich & Dubie Show." During his last year at college, he became Intern Pitchuation for the "Preston & Steve" morning show on 93.3 WMMR. Today, he continues to work at WMMR as part of their Promotions Team. With "The Crispy Noodle Podcast," Rich wants to provide the most entertainment and obscure movie quotes that he can jam-pack into a 2-hour podcast. He enjoys researching odd news, following Philadelphia sports teams, eating well-made coleslaw, and trying to hit a tiny golf ball as straight as possible.

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