The Crispy Noodle Podcast — Episode 238

Here’s what happened on this week’s episode of The Crispy Noodle Podcast:

  • Introduction — Rich is at the Campout For Hunger; Mike caught up on Planet of the Apes series
  • Sports Sampler
    • 2-Minute Drill: Former Eagles head coach Chip Kelly signs big contract with UCLA
    • Eagles dominate over the hapless Bears, soar to NFL’s best record 10-1
    • Our Fantastic Four Picks for Week 13
  • Entertainment Entree
    • Metal Expert makes metal cover of “Africa” by Toto
    • Mike’s “This Week in Entertainment”
    • Alex Jones Encounters Amazon Echo & Alexa
    • Will Microsoft actually develop exclusive games for any platform to make more money?
  • “The Non-Fortune Cookie” Odd News
    • Florida douchebag totally not sorry for punching Walmart employee in theft
    • German man rediscovers his parked car after 20 years being lost
    • Florida Church proudly boasts it’s not a “gun free zone” and pastors carry while serving
  • What Have We Learned & Conclusion

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