The Crispy Noodle Podcast — Merry Christmas 2017!

Here’s what happened on this special Christmas-themed edition of The Crispy Noodle Podcast:

  • Christmas Cold Open Skit — Rich VS Mike in “You’re A Mean One, Noodle Guys”
  • Introduction — Wawa runs during the snow become “The Philadelphia Trail” instead of “The Oregon Trail”
  • Sports Sampler
    • Eagles win close divisional game against the Giants; clinch BYE week in the playoffs
    • Our Fantastic Four Picks for Week 16
  • Entertainment Entree
    • Of course, Rich finds a Christmas parody of a Ghost song
    • Mike’s “This Week in Entertainment”
    • Rich reviews Star Wars: The Last Jedi (No Spoilers)
    • Christmas Lights — How much is too much?
    • Storytime: Twas The Night Before A Crispy Christmas
  • Parody Song: “Rockin’ Around The Crispy Tree”
  • Special Edition of “The Non-Fortune Cookie” Odd News: Our Favorite Church Odd News of 2017
    • Methelujah! (Episode 202)
    • Gluten-Free Jesus (Episode 218)
    • The Wedding Shoot-Out (Episode 222)
    • Priest Loves Nikki Minaj (Episode 224)
    • Guns For Jesus! (Episode 238)
  • Parody Song: The Crispy Christmas Song (Mike’s Version of The Christmas Song)
  • What Have We Learned & Conclusion

Thanks for listening to The Crispy Noodle Podcast!