The Crispy Noodle Podcast — Episode 365

On this week’s episode, Nenna returns to the show and we chat about movies with a memorable role featuring 15-minutes or less of screentime; The Iron Sheik’s Twitter Game; and quite possibly one of the wackiest Florida Man stories we have ever heard on the podcast!

WARNING: This episode has been left UNCENSORED. Copious cursing, sexual references, and lewd comments are left unedited on this podcast. Listener discretion is advised.


  • Introduction: Nenna’s Back on the Podcast and We Hate Spoilers!
  • Sports Sampler
    • 2-Minute Drill: NFL Quarterback Woes
    • Ben Simmons (Allegedly) Has Asked To Be Traded Out of Philly
  • Entertainment Entree
    • Mike’s “This Week in Entertainment”
    • What Actor Made the Most Out of 15 Minutes of Screen Time?
  • Frank Costanzo Off-Screen Crashes The Podcast Randomly
  • Surprise! Does “The Iron Sheik” Love or HATE These Random Items?
  • The “Non-Fortune Cookie” Odd News
    • Man Watches Movie While Tesla is on Auto-Pilot
    • Georgia Woman Touches Self at Public Beach
    • Florida Man Goes on Cop Chase For First Date!
    • Florida Man Tries to Fling Stolen Alligator Off Building!
  • Thanks to Nenna, Wrap-Up, & Conclusion