The Crispy Noodle Podcast Official Launch Extravaganza-palooza-fest-thingamajig!

Congratulations to us! For bringing this profound, hilarious, exceptional and often times ludicrous organization know as “The Crispy Noodle” to the world. And congratulations to you! For discovering your new favorite website and podcast (or, you know, accidentally falling into our trap).

We’re proud to officially launch our website and podcast. Our mission is to wrangle the best “stuff” from the worlds of sports, entertainment and odd news, and present it to you in one cohesive, frightening package. We’ll also provide you with original content, such as blog posts on whatever-the-heck-we-want and “news” stories, such as the incredible story about the Cowboys new team bus or the awesome inside scoop on the PS4 announcement event posted on the site right now.

We hope to have a lot of fun doing this and sharing our “unique” outlook with anyone in earshot (or eyeshot, since we’re a website? It doesn’t matter). We hope you’ll stick around for the ride. If you don’t, we’ll do unspeakable things to you. Just kidding, we’re only a website…or are we?!

Yes, we are.

But still, follow us on Twitter: @thecrispynoodle. Or on facebook. You can even download our podcasts from iTunes (we’ll add a direct link here when we get it up and running on iTunes) and find our content on Reddit, YouTube and of course right here on The Crispy Noodle. We’re on so many things that if you can’t find us on the internet, you’re not even trying.

Now, we are proud to present our very first podcast. Click here to listen and download!

Your new pals,

The Crispy Noodle Team

Michael Costanzo (51 Posts)

Michael is new to the podcasting scene, with The Crispy Noodle Podcast marking his first foray into the world of internet radio. He also enjoys playing video games, reading, criticizing the Philadelphia Eagles, and being Italian. Currently, Michael is enrolled in Rosemont College's Masters of the Fine Arts program for Creative Writing. He one day hopes to traumatize people of all ages with his writing. Until then, Michael will continue to bring his unique perspective to The Crispy Noodle.

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